PETER Roberts was refused his parcel from Royal Mail all because he did not have a red delivery card.

That was despite him providing ID after staff failed to put the non-delivery card through his door.

Peter, of Pendine Close, Callands, said: “My Dyson cleaner motor broke and I ordered a new one on eBay.

“It still hadn’t arrived so I contacted the seller and they said it had been sent through the post so I decided to call in at the Milner Street delivery centre on Monday to see if it had been dropped off even though I had not received a card to say they had tried to deliver it.

“They got the motor out in front of me and told me I couldn’t have it because I did not have a red card.

“I had my ID with me and could prove I was the person it was addressed to but they still wouldn’t give it to me.

“He said he would have a word with the driver for not putting a card through but would not give it to me and said they would try to deliver it again the next day.

“Surely they can use some common sense, especially when I had proof of who I was.”

Morag Turnbull, from Royal Mail, said: “We would like to apologise to Mr Roberts for any inconvenience and assure him that all complaints are taken seriously.

“His recent experience at Warrington Delivery Office is not an experience the majority of our customers have and training sessions regularly take place with our people to raise awareness and ensure the correct standards are adhered to so as to deliver the service our customers expect and deserve.

“The delivery office manager at Warrington will be contacting Mr Roberts to discuss this matter and resolve this issue.”

But there is a happy ending to Peter’s tale.

“It did arrive on Tuesday and the vacuum cleaner is now fixed,” he added.