A FUSION of Italian cuisine and British agriculture is coming to High Legh as part of a unique venture to build a ‘pizza farm’.

David Fryer, from Great Sankey, says he wants to create an educational experience for youngsters by growing all of the ingredients for a pizza from scratch.

The 33-year-old wants to transform his 6.5 acres of land in Mag Lane into a business which will create 25 jobs.

It will be open to visitors with hens, goats, pigs and cow on site and there will also be a dining area so people can taste the finished product.

David said: “Visitors will find all the ingredients of a pizza growing here and will take part in some of the functions in growing these crops such as planting tomatoes, sunflowers, herbs and helping the animals too.

“We will get people to help turn the crops into ingredients such as making goats cheese and turning the wheat into flour and dough.

“These are special processes and we’re giving away the secrets.

“We are going to create 25 jobs. That means many families getting jobs back on the land reversing the trend of farms losing people over the last 50 years.”

The plans have already been given the thumbs up by tourism board Marketing Cheshire and High Legh Primary School.

Headteacher Louise Robbins said: “All of us were very impressed - the children were hoping it would open next week.

“The pizza farm would be a fantastic starting point for schools to do a pizza project.”

If the pizza farm is given planning permission, it will take about six months to build and will be powered by 150 solar panels.

David also plans to plant more than two acres of trees on the site.