A SECURITY supervisor was praised by a judge after blocking the escape path of a thief who held a knife to his throat.

Wayne Driscoll, from Orford, stood his ground and refused to move from a doorway despite repeated threats that he would be stabbed.

Mr Driscoll’s bravery has now been praised by a judge — while knife-wielding burglar Anthony Webb has been sent to jail.

The security guard at the University of Bolton prevented Webb from leaving the university’s administration area he was trying to steal from.

The 48-year-old married dad said he was doing his job and insisted he was no hero.

Mr Driscoll said: “I feel good that what I did, and the police did, led to him being caught and locked away for two years. I am not brave, I was doing my job.”

At Bolton Crown Court on Friday, as Judge Charles Bloom QC jailed Webb for two years and praised Mr Driscoll.

“With commendable bravery he stood his ground,” said Judge Bloom.

Geoffrey Southcote-Want, prosecuting, played the court CCTV footage which showed the confrontation just before 10am on Saturday, October 22.

Webb, aged 27, from Deane, Bolton, pleaded guilty to aggravated burglary and possession of a knife.

David Toal, defending, said Webb, who has a lengthy criminal record, had no intention of using the knife on Mr Driscoll.