A MAGIC chimney sweep from Latchford has conjured up a unique idea to entertain people at their weddings.

Cliff Cowling aka Charlie Brush, aged 49, of Rock Road, works in medical records at Warrington Hospital but also as a magical lucky chimney sweep.

Cliff said: “The Charlie Brush idea was a flash of genius.

“I spent a lot of time looking into the tradition and even contacted Kensington Palace to try to find out more about the Royal Decree about chimney sweeps. I tried it out and it worked, but people know I’m not a real sweep, it’s just a bit of fun.”

His quirky idea involves him turning up at the church as the photos are being taken and joining in.

“I make a presentation about the tradition and give newlyweds a couple of gifts. Then it’s time to head over to the reception to entertain with magic before the meal.”

Cliff moved to Warrington in 2003. He started magic at the age of 12 when he received a set for Christmas.

He has performed street magic as far away as Austria and at Blackpool Magician’s Club – an invite only event which is the largest magic convention in the world.

“I often get asked at weddings to sweep a chimney as a joke but only once had a real call. I passed them on to a local sweep as I knew he’d do a better job than me!

“Another standout memory was when I was almost punched. I was waiting for the couple to come out of the church and a man challenged me. He thought I was ‘taking the mick’!”

For more information visit weddingchimneysweep.com or refinedmagic.co.uk. You can call Cliff on 414500/07984 644205 or e-mail him at cliffcowling@fsmail.net

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