RESIDENTS living on a road in Culcheth have been treated ‘shambolically’ by the council, according to campaigner Chris Vobe.

Mr Vobe, the Labour party spokesman for the village, also says a series of requests to address the problems along the road have been met with ‘stonewalling’ and a ‘blatant disregard’.

He added: “People on Withington Avenue, Beech Avenue and Clarke Avenue have endured two years of building works while the new Culcheth High School was constructed – not to mention considerable disruption to their environment.

“The deal from the outset was that, when this work was completed, people here would have their needs taken into account.”

He says the pavements and roads are a ‘disgrace’, drains blocked and the alleyway is covered in graffiti.

Council bosses say work on resurfacing the avenue will now not take place until 2013.

And Mr Vobe says an officer told him the residents were ‘inconsequential’ and should pick up litter themselves.

He added: “I am not sure why these officers feel that Culcheth and Glazebury should be treated differently from anywhere else in the town,”

Sharon Walls, public realm manager, said: “Withington Avenue was intended to be included in the 2011/12 programme of resurfacing works.

“Unfortunately, as works at Culcheth High School completed later than anticipated and due to all roads having to be re-assessed following the two severe winters, it was necessary to amend the schedule resulting in Withington Avenue work being postponed until next year.”