HAVING survived the ‘world’s toughest jail’, former Arizona prisoner Shaun Attwood’s latest challenge was much less taxing as he signed copies of his book for Waterstones customers in the Golden Square.

The 41-year-old, originally from Widnes, was a multi-millionaire before he was arrested for drug dealing and jailed in America.

The book, Hard Time: A Brit in America's Toughest Jail, is a collection of Shaun’s blogs which he wrote with a betting shop pencil sharpened on the cell door.

Notes were smuggled to his auntie with legal papers and sent to his parents in Widnes who posted it on the internet.

Shaun said: “People were hanging themselves, there were cockroaches and murders so I asked a guard how Sheriff Joe Arpaio got away wih illegal conditions.

“He said it was because the world had no idea what’s going on in here.”

Shaun’s mum had to bring down more copies of the book after he sold out on Friday during the signing.

He is now giving talks to schools to deter children from taking drugs.