A BRIDGEWATER High School pupil will take centre stage in Her Benny after being snapped up at auditions.

Thirteen-year-old Luke Roskell dance, sang and acted his way into the role of Perks, a lovable rouge in the Ann Dalton adaption of Silas K Hocking’s tale at the auditions in March.

He said: “It is the first musical I have been in. I really didn’t know how the auditions went. I had to sing, act and dance and I am not the best dancer but I somehow got through. We had to sing Happy Birthday because everybody knew it.”

The rags to riches musical follows the fortunes of Benny and his youngster sister, Nell as they fight poverty and injustice.

It will be on at the Theatre Royal, St Helens.

Luke is no stranger to the limelight, having already appeared in an ITV drama called Mobile, a 13-part series The Revenge Files of Alistair Fury and a BBC1 drama, Moving On, which was showcased last year.

“When you are in front of an audience you get a kick out of it but it is fun to be in front of cameras and you learn from it.

“I get embarrassed seeing myself on TV but I still watch it but I don’t like watching it with people.

“Not many people at school know that I act. It is just a hobby I enjoy it but I don’t say ‘look at me’.”

Rehearsals have been taking place every weekend since April to prepare the cast for the performances, which will start on Monday and run until Saturday, October 23.

Luke, of Dashwood Close, Grappenhall Heys, said: “I can’t wait for the show to start.

“I have had a few lines to learn but it has been all right. I come home from school and go to my room, learn them then do my home work then play on my Xbox.

“I have to sing but I don’t have to do a solo.

“The dancing was really hard and it took me ages to learn.”

He said he is nervous but excited to perform in front of his family.

Luke plans to be an actor when he leaves school and would love to be in any film or TV programme or appear in Les Miserables or Billy Elliot on the West End.