A TV soap opera storyline has prompted a 27 per cent surge in enquiries about paternity tests, a Westbrook DNA testing expert has revealed.

BBC drama Eastenders has featured a story about a paternity test involving Sam Mitchell’s baby and two potential fathers – Jack and Ricky.

After anxiously waiting for the results it has been revealed that Jack is the dad.

David Thomas, managing director of Warrington’s Alpha BioLabs, a certified provider of drug, alcohol and DNA testing, said: “It’s amazing that a soap opera bombshell has highlighted such a personal issue.

“All the enquiries we’ve had have said the same thing – people didn’t realise how simple the test would be and if they’d known, they’d have done it years ago.”

Tests are based on analysis of swabs taken from mouths.

Alpha BioLabs is based at Carina Park in Westbrook.