RACIST thugs have been scrawling foul and offensive graffiti in Padgate.

Complaints have been made to the police about the slurs daubed on the Vicarage subway, which claims to be the work of various far right groups including the English Defence League (EDL), National Front and BNP. Much of the graffiti is too explicit to be published in a family newspaper.

Clr Colin Oliver has been forced to clean up the graffiti himself for the second time in recent weeks.

He believes that the yobs behind the extreme vandalism need ‘the fear of God putting into them’.

Clr Oliver said: “This type of behaviour is absolutely awful, foul and horrible – we don’t want to see that in our community.

“These people need the fear of God putting into them.”

Of the groups supposedly behind the graffiti, all propose controversial politics.

The EDL is a fascist political group set up in opposition to Islam, which they call a ‘malignant social cancer’.

Supporters claim to only oppose Jihad extremists but have reportedly shouted anti-muslim chants during rallies. Anti-racism campaigners Unite Against Fascism have descibed the group as racist nazi thugs.

EDL graffiti has led to concerns about the presence of racists in the Padgate community but police have warned that such behaviour will not be tolerated.

Insp Richard Spedding said: “We are aware of the graffiti and our CSOs patrol the area.

“It is an act of criminal damage and if it is of a racist nature, a charge for a racially aggravated offence will be carried out, resulting in a more serious punishment.

A spokesman for the council said that if reported, graffiti of an obscene nature will be removed within 24 hours.

“The team aim to remove racist graffiti within 24 hours of notification, or the next working day,” he said.

To report any racist graffiti contact the removal team on 443322.