TWO friends who threatened to cut off a vulnerable man's fingers as they beat him up have been jailed.

Neil Young, aged 31, of Stenhills Crescent was given 12 months after being found guilty of assaulting 23-year-old Lee Pape and three months for intimidating him.

Steven Mills, aged 20, of Keeper's Walk received a nine-month sentence after admitting to assaulting Mr Pape, who is his cousin.

Warrington Crown Court heard last Wednesday how Young and Mills burst into Pape's flat in the early hours one night last August accusing him of telling lies about Mills' mother and girlfriend.

The pair beat Mr Pape, who has a history of depression and self-harm, and during the attack Mills pinned him down and Young threatened to cut him with a carving knife or meat cleaver.

Ten days later they were arrested but despite being released on police bail Young approached Mr Pape and warned him that if he co-operated with police further: "You will be in a box, buried."