POLICE investigators desperately seeking a mystery motorist who witnessed a fatal head-on collision are refusing to rule out 'cruising' as a factor in the crash.

The silver or dark-coloured car was being driven immediately in front of Brian Crummey's taxi moments before it was in collision with Stephen Roberts' silver Peugeot in Daresbury last month.

Police are investigating what the Peugeot and its occupants, all from Halewood, were doing in the area and are pursuing 'cruising' - where people show off their souped-up cars at organised meets - as a line of inquiry.

"We have got statements from them (the Peugeot's teenage passengers) and, as you might expect after an accident, they have given different accounts," said Sgt Yvonne Williams of Cheshire Police's traffic specialist investigation unit.

"We need an independent witness to come forward and we believe that they (the mystery driver) are the only person we're aware of who was in the area at the time.

"We believe they may be a vital witness and it's important they come forward.

"Cruising is something we are looking at but the full circumstances are still under investigation.

"It is one of many lines of inquiry, although it is becoming more common in this part of Cheshire."

The activity is perfectly legal if the meetings are held on private land, although cruisers often fall foul of the police if their cars have been modified illegally.

In February a sting by Runcorn police and driving officials caught dozens of cruisers gathering in Astmoor and arrests were made for dangerous driving after police made licence and drink-drive checks.

Peugeots, along with Saxos, Corsas and Golfs, are popular with cruisers because they are cheap to buy second-hand and to insure, and easy to modify.

Mr Crummey, an experienced 41-year-old cab driver from Beechwood died at the scene of the crash, on June26.

Mr Roberts, 18, died a week later in hospital. Both cars passengers are at home recovering from their injuries.

Anyone with information should contact Sgt Williams or PC Majid on 01244-613 928.