THE Belfast boys are back and after the monumental success of Chasing Cars, they seem to have made a determined effort to return to their roots of a more indie style alternative rock.

If you haven't already heard the first release from the album, Take Back The City, it's a little belter and somewhat upbeat for the usually morose and depressing lyrics of Gary Lightbody and co.

Opening track, If There's A Rocket Tie Me To It, is classic Snow Patrol and sure to be another single release.

As someone who has been known to wallow, I like the band and am attracted to their constant struggle, but I can appreciate some of the criticism thrown at them as Coldplay wannabes.

Unlike their far more illustrious counterparts though, after 14 years together, I think they do manage to stay somewhat left of centre and although they may never be the biggest band in the world, who cares?

If they can sprinkle in a few more foot-tappers along the way I'm sure it would keep the NME brigade off their back.