WITH little more than a year to go until the old analogue TV sets are switched off, the big date for the digital switchover has been launched in Warrington.

Switchover campaign mascot Digital Al was in the Golden Square on Tuesday to formally announce the process of turning off the analogue signal.

The switchover is due to take place on November 4, 2009, in the Granada region.

Jo Waters, Digital UK’s regional manager for the Granada TV region, said: “Most people in the region already have a choice of ways to get digital TV, and after switchover almost everyone will be able to get it through an aerial.

“We’re now taking a roadshow across the region so people can get personal advice on how to get ready and learn what is available to them.”

On November 4, BBC Two will stop broadcasting in analogue and the first Freeview digital channels will become available.

And then on December 2, the rest of the analogue channels will be switched off for good and replaced with additional digital channels. Most households will have 48 channels available on Freeview via an aerial.

New statistics released to coincide with the launch show that 91 per cent of homes have already converted their main TV set to digital while 57 per cent have converted all sets.

As well as the roadshow, which took place on Tuesday, leaflets explaining the details of the switchover are being sent to every home.

There is also a Switchover Help Scheme which offers assistance and equipment to change one television for those aged 75 or over, registered blind or partially sighted, on certain disability benefits or living in a care home.