THE fate of sex offenders could soon be in the hands of a Warrington couple.

A three-year pilot for sex offenders in some parts of England and Wales to take compulsory lie detector tests to determine whether they are still a danger to the public is in the pipeline for next April.

And the scheme could see Nadac, a polygraph company based in Manchester and London run by husband and wife team, Don Cargill and Nadia Penner, carry out the tests on offenders living in the community.

The results could affect how sex offenders are monitored with regular polygraphing written into terms of release but will not be used as evidence in court.

Mr Cargill, who is also chairman of the British and European Polygraph Association, said: “The Government carries out a rigorous selection process and we are keeping our fingers crossed for the contract.

“There are only seven qualified polygraphers in the country and we would be delighted if we got it.”

The couple, who live in Preston Brook but up until three years ago worked in Warrington before founding Nadac, also starred on Trisha as lie detector experts.