ONE honest act has made all the difference to a Warrington family, after a lost 60-year-old engagement ring was reunited with its grateful owner.

A heartbroken granddaughter, Charlotte Wilks, made a public appeal for help in locating her grandmother’s cherished engagement ring which had been lost during a bus ride to Birchwood Shopping Centre on Tuesday.

In the appeal, Charlotte claimed that her grandmother had got on the bus from Liverpool Road and travelled into Warrington town to do some shopping in Golden Square.

She then made her way to Birchwood shopping centre – where the ring was eventually located.

Charlotte said: “This is a very sentimental ring as she’s had it for over 60 years and sadly my Grandad is no longer with us.”

She added that it could be ‘anywhere in Warrington’.

But in a miraculous and uplifting update from the family, she has confirmed that the ring has now been found and returned to her grandma.

“A very kind and honest person found it in one of the shops she entered at Birchwood Shopping Centre and handed it in to the staff,” she explained.

“We are feeling extremely lucky, and someone must be looking down on us. It’s not the usual outcome to these sorts of situations and it does show how there are some very lovely people out there.

“It was never the materialistic value of the ring, it was the sentimental value especially as we all miss my Grandad, Malcolm, so so much.”

The resident added that the family wished they knew the kind shopper who discovered the ring and handed it in to the store in Birchwood so they could thank them.

“Their honest act has made such a big difference,” she said.