WARRINGTON Borough Council’s cabinet has approved the award of a contract to a provider of translation and interpretation services.

Members approved the award of the contract at its meeting on Monday.

According to a report to cabinet, this will ensure that a range of translation, interpretation and transcription services can continue to be provided to residents ‘who are non-native English speakers, use non-verbal communication, or require assistance with any other interpretation and translation needs’.

“The contractor needs to be responsive to the needs of Warrington’s changing local population, ensuring that translators are available for any number of languages, and equally ensuring resilience/ sufficient cover and availability of interpreters to support Warrington’s most frequent languages requiring translation,” said the report.

“There is no set annual value to this contract as its cost is dependent on the number of bookings made, and for what service. For example, face-to-face bookings are more expensive than remote bookings, and some hard-to-source language interpreters may come at a premium rate.

“The demand-led nature of this service means that it is difficult to predict a total cost of the contract. The total cost of this contract is subject to change based on demand and translation needs across the borough, and could be influenced by a rise or fall in non-native English speaking communities in the borough. However, it is estimated that the total value of this contract could be in the region of £1 million.

“Expenditure and performance will be rigorously monitored on an ongoing basis, informed by monthly management information reports and client management meetings. The council will work alongside the contracted provider to look at ways to make efficiencies, such as identifying opportunities to increase the number of telephone/video translation calls being made, rather than face-to-face bookings, which are substantially more expensive.”