A ‘HEARTBROKEN’ family have appealed for help in locating a cherished 60-year-old engagement ring that is lost ‘somewhere in Warrington’.

Charlotte Wilks has reached out for help in finding her grandmas precious belonging that disappeared during a bus ride into the town centre today, Tuesday.

Detailing the events that led to losing the gold ring, she said: “My grandma has unfortunately lost her engagement ring somewhere around Warrington.

“She got on the bus from Liverpool Road, near the Chapel House pub and ventured into Warrington town, Golden Square.

“She also got on a bus from town and went to Birchwood shopping centre entering several shops there.”

The concerned granddaughter stated that the engagement ring could be on a bus, pavement, in shops of ‘literally anywhere’.

“This is a very sentimental ring as she’s had it for over 60 years and sadly my Grandad is no longer with us,” Charlotte added.

The ring is described to be gold with three round stone diamonds.

Any help in locating the ring will be met with great thanks by the family who stated they are heartbroken at the news of the loss.

If you think you may have spotted the ring in any of the areas mentioned, please contact Charlotte via telephone on 0774884661 or on email at charlotte.wilks@gmail.com