A CULCHETH resident who became a wheelchair user three years ago has discovered a ‘brilliant’ waterless product that could be a game changer for those who struggle to access a bath or shower due to disabilities.

Retired international sales agent, Anthony Bull, only discovered the incredible waterless body wash three months ago and insists this could be a vital product for so many.

 The 81-year-old saw his life change dramatically after a bad fall in October 2021.

After being referred to a neurosurgeon and having had an MRI scan, he underwent spinal surgery in a gruelling nine-hour operation.

But following the surgery, the struggles of keeping clean while not being able to easily access a bath or shower in his home became a real issue, he told the Warrington Guardian.

“I was trying to get a wet room built but it would take eight months to get it,” Mr Bull explained.

“However, I can now get washed without water, the product is designed for repeated and long-term use and is NHS approved.”

 The product in question, Nilaqua Body Cleansing Foam, is marketed as a ‘gentle cleanser providing essential daily care with dignity’.

It comes as a spray applicator and is a ‘towel off’ foaming wash and incontinence cleaner that can be used to clean skin & perineal areas.

Anthony discovered the waterless product several months agoAnthony discovered the waterless product several months ago (Image: Iconic Photography Studio)
“In my case it is brilliant because I cannot shower,” the resident said. “It has passed all the tests, and it is perfect for post operations if you have to get carers out and agencies.”

Detailing the potential scope of the product, Mr Bull said it could be useful for those on palliative care, people with MS, Dementia or those who suffer with incontinent.

“It would benefit campers as well and has plenty more benefits.”

The product is available on prescription and Mr Bull noted that it could potentially see a reduction in nursing costs and a bills for many people due to its waterless technology.

 “If I can help other people it would be great,” he added.

To find out more visit the Nilaqua website at nilaqua.co.uk/care-products/towel-off-body-care