WARRINGTON is one of the most expensive places for new builds in the north west.

This is according to a new study by home insurance broker One Sure Insurance.

Data from the Office for National Statistics was analysed to determine which local authorities in the north west had the highest median price for all types of newly built housing last year.

These results were then compared and ranked from the highest to the lowest prices.   

Warrington came third with a median new housing price of £427,495.

Meanwhile Chorley came first in the study with the highest median new housing price of £587,495.

Cheshire West and Chester ranked second with a median new housing price of £435,000.

At the other end of the scale is Wirral which had the lowest median new housing price with £135,000.

A spokesperson for One Sure Insurance commented on the findings: “This study provides valuable insight into the range of prices for newly built housing within local authorities across the north west.

“While it does not show us what the highest and lowest prices are, these median price points offer a perspective on the potential average cost for new housing.

“With countless new housing developments across the country each year and an increasing number of people looking into buying new homes, it would be beneficial to see whether these median price points remain the same for each area or might shift depending on the current demand.”