MUSIC legend to return to Warrington for performance at Parr Hall next year, with a refreshing take and new arrangements of some of his most loved material.

Francis Rossi, cofounder and lead vocalist of Status Quo, is set to perform at Parr Hall on Saturday, April 19, 2025, as part of his upcoming 34-date UK tour.

The show will feature songs that have never been played in this format before, as well as tales from his successful career, including why Status Quo went on first at Live Aid.

“This is a new show, I have been experimenting with the catalogue and I know what works best,” he said.

“It’s been fascinating, and I have been amazed how well some songs work in a lower key, or with a different arrangement.

Tickets go on sale on Friday, including a limited number of VIP passes that include a pre-show meet-and-greet and the chance to have one of your own items signed.

The performance will start at 7.30pm and tickets start at £40 each.

“These shows are a real treat for me, they suit my voice really well, and I don’t have to yell,” said Francis.

“This show lays out the story of Quo – some of the things that have happened I can barely believe myself – and it tells my own story too.”

To buy tickets for Songs from the Status Quo Songbook and More, click here or call 442345.