A PODCAST host will celebrate his 40th birthday with a special live performance in a gaming café in Warrington next month.

Mike Bell founded the Attack of the 50ft Nerds podcast with Amara Wears in 2012 after the pair met at a comedy night in Manchester.

The duo, who have since been joined by Paul Griggs, cover all aspects of pop culture, movies, comics and TV shows and are currently the biggest pop-culture podcast in Myanmar.

The hosts started performing live of audiences in Warrington at the Geek Retreat, on Crown Parade, in 2022 and will be returning once again to celebrate Mike’s 40th birthday on Saturday, July 6 at 5pm.

Attack of the 50ft Nerd's previously hosted a Halloween showAttack of the 50ft Nerd's previously hosted a Halloween show (Image: Attack of the 50ft Nerds)

“We have done the same for Paul’s 50th earlier this year, but I thought we needed to spice things up a little, and so in place of a regular show I have put together a special edition of our game show spin off ‘The 50ft Throwdown’ instead,” said Mike.

“We’re celebrating my birthday in style with this gameshow, and best of all it’s a free show – meaning this is the perfect jumping on point for anyone who hasn’t seen us before to check us out, or if they have, to come back for more hilarity.

“Given that we war our ‘nerdiness’ on our sleeves, Geek Retreat Warrington is the perfect venue for us, almost as if it were tailor-made for our audience, and we thank Doug and the team for having us.”

The audience can expect fun and surprises, as Mike will grill contestants on pop-culture knowledge various rounds, including an arts and craft round where they have two minutes to create a picture of a famous scene in movie history.

Tickets are free, but only 40 places are available, so audience members can either show up on the night or reserve seats by contacting Geek Retreat staff in-store or on 650184.