MAJOR power cuts are affecting two areas of Warrington.

Those living in the WA2 and WA5 postcode area have been hit with electricity blackouts this afternoon, Monday.

The issue was first reported at around 2.16pm.

Scottish Power, who cover large areas of Warrington, estimate electricity will be restored by approximately 4.30pm.

The postcodes affected are as follows: WA11TD, WA12NT, WA13SP, WA2, WA20AU, WA21AA, WA27LR, WA27LT, WA27PA, WA27PZ, WA28HQ, WA28NT, WA28NU, WA50AG, WA50AH, WA50AN, WA50AP, WA50AQ, WA50AR, WA50AS, WA50AT, WA50AU, WA50AW, WA50AX, WA50AY, WA50BA, WA50BU, WA50BX, WA50BY, WA50BZ, WA50DA, WA50DG, WA50EP, WA50HQ, WA50JX, WA50LP, WA50LQ, WA50LU, WA50LW, WA50LX, WA50LZ, WA50NA, WA50NB, WA50ND, WA50NE, WA50NF, WA50NH, WA50NJ, WA50NL, WA50NN, WA50NQ, WA50NW, WA55BA, WA55BU, WA55BX, WA55DA, WA55DT, WA55LP, WA55LR, WA55LZ, WA55NB, WA55ND, WA55NJ, WA59YX