FIVE candidates will battle it out in the general election in a bid to become the next MP for Tatton.

For the first time, voters in Lymm will be having their say in Tatton rather than Warrington South due to a shake-up of the electoral boundaries.

Esther McVey will be hoping to hold on to the seat she has held for the Conservatives since 2017,  while Ryan Jude will be hoping to cause an upset and win it for Labour for the first time.

The Liberal Democrats will also be campaigning hard – their candidate is Jonathan Smith.

Nigel Hennerley will be hoping the Green Party can make a breakthrough.

Oliver Speakman is contesting the seat for Reform UK.

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Tatton has always been considered a Conservative stronghold – although it did vote for an Independent MP in 1997.

The constituency includes the towns and villages of Knutsford, Wilmslow and Alderley Edge as well as Lymm - Martin Bell.

A small area of Marbury, which was formerly part of the Weaver Vale constituency which no longer exists, is also now part of the Tatton constituency. Most of Marbury was already in Tatton even before the shake-up.

The Tatton electorate is given as 75,538 and wards in the constituency are: Alderley Edge, Chelford, Handforth, High Legh, Knutsford, Mobberley, Wilmslow Dean Row, Wilmslow East, Wilmslow Lacey Green, Wilmslow West & Chorley, Marbury, Shakerley, (part of) Lymm North & Thelwall; Lymm South.

The general election takes place on Thursday July 4 and voters must take photo ID to the polling station.