THE music of a children’s choir from Uganda, is to ring out joyfully at St Oswald’s historic church, Winwick, on Sunday.

The concert performance is celebrating the work of Watoto, a Christian charity, which provides love and care in East Africa’s vulnerable communities .

The visit is being hosted by Winwick Church and Christ Church Croft and the choir consists of Ugandan children who have been tragically orphaned at an early age in life. The choir is currently on a three month tour of Britain to promote songs from their album “Better Days –There is hope”, and to raise awareness of Watoto’s work in caring for abandoned and orphaned African children.

The concert performance, a free event, is as vibrant and colourful as Africa itself and the children taking part will share their personal stories through emotional and heartwarming song and dance.

In extensive travel in recent years the Watoto children’s choirs have met with the late Queen Elizabeth, performed for the president of the United States and visited almost every major parliament in the world.

The rector of Winwick, the Reverend Martin Cox, said: “The children are in the care of a Christian charity which seeks to provide them with love and support so that they can lead fulfilling lives. The choir is on tour in the UK to promote this work and seek supporters. The story they share through music is one of hope and joy and it is an enormous privilege to host the choir at St Oswald’s, Winwick.”

Proceeds raised from the album and from donations received will help Watoto continue to provide vulnerable children with an education, medical care, a safe place to call home and the love of a family.

Watoto is a family made up of people from all over the world who are working together to ensure the forgotten have a place to belong. The organisation established a local church in Uganda in 1994 in a time of civil war. Since then the group has rescued thousands of orphaned and abandoned babies and children placing them in loving homes. It has equipped and empowered vulnerable women in their neighbourhoods and sent over 100 children’s choirs across six continents.

Watoto children’s choir concert at St Oswald’s Church Winwick, 5.30pm to 7pm on Sunday. Admission free.