CELEBRITY chef and nation’s sweetheart Nigella Lawson has sent a special message to students at a Warrington high school.

The popular food writer and tv chef got in contact with Sir Thomas Boteler to wish its year 11 catering students’ good luck in their upcoming exams.

In an announcement made on its social media page yesterday afternoon, Wednesday, the school said: “We are excited to announce that celebrity chef, and writer, Nigella Lawson has contacted Mrs Callaway to give Year 11 Hospitality and Catering students a very special message.”

Within the heartfelt message, Nigella congratulated pupils on their hard work and stated how ‘impressed’ she was with their achievements.

The message to the students read: “Mrs Callaway has told me how hard you’ve all been working, and what skills you have been acquiring, and I just want to say congratulations and good luck for the written exam on the 20th June.

“I am crossing my fingers for you all and am so impressed with what you’ve achieved so far. Just do your best, and please know I’m thinking of you and cheering you on!”

The hospitality and catering students have been learning different skills and techniques in the lead up to their exams, with Monday bringing a lesson on the ‘complex’ skill of piping.

Creating chocolate runouts, the pupils ‘terrific’ work was displayed on social media in a collage of different shapes and patterns.

With the backing of one of the nation’s favourite tv chefs, what can go wrong.