A WARRINGTON vets has issued a warning to pet owners following a recent scam incident.

Beech House Veterinary Centre says it is ‘devastated’ to learn that its name was used by fraudsters to scam people out of money.

The business, based on Wilderspool Causeway, says it has learnt con artists rang pet owners saying they were caring for their missing animal, and that money was needed over the phone for medical treatment.

But this was a scam, and the centre is urging people to let others know so that no one else falls victim.

In a scam warning, Beech House said: “Unfortunately, we have been made aware of an awful scam that has involved one of our branch practices that we want to spread awareness about.

“The scammers called a member of the public claiming they had their missing pet, it was undergoing treatment and required medication.

“They claimed that the pet was ready for collection and a payment was needed over the phone, which was made.

“Once the member of the public arrived at the practice, it became apparent this phone call was a scam, and the missing pet was not at the branch practice and not found or undergoing any treatment they had paid for.

“We are devastated that someone could do such a thing and wanted to make sure it did not happen to someone else.

“We ask if you could please share this to spread awareness far and wide to prevent this from happening again.”