A 38-YEAR-old Warrington man who had never had a girlfriend before he met his Filipino love online three years ago is starring in a new TV series.

The Nevermets is a Channel 4 documentary that focuses on Brits who have fallen madly in love as they each make the potentially life-changing decision to cross international waters to meet their long-distance lovers for the very first time.

The participants spend quality time on each other's home turf, moving into wherever their other half calls home.

They meet their partner's friends and family, discovering all about their lover and their lifestyle and observe how they deal with the realities of their day-to-day life.

Featuring in the series is Matt, a factory supervisor from Warrington.

Matt had never had a girlfriend before he met his Filipino love Maria online three years ago.

Still a virgin, Matt is preparing to make then 7,000 journey to the Philippines to hopefully turn their relationship into a physical one.

Meanwhile, 24-year-old law graduate Dumebi is in Dubai to meet her online boyfriend of 18 months, Mazi, for the first time. And, in the Philippines, Sarah and Jgoy try to salvage their relationship with a day trip to an adventure park.

The Nevermets first aired on Channel 4 on Friday.

The episode featuring Matt will be aired on June 7.