WARRINGTON-born radio host Chris Evans says he is sporting a ‘proud scar’ following his skin cancer diagnosis.

The 58-year-old broadcaster underwent treatment for the condition after being given the bad news by doctors.

He was then given the all clear just eight weeks after revealing in August last year that he had melanoma removed from the back of his calf.

Speaking on his Virgin Radio show, Chris, who is originally from Padgate, gave an update on his health for during Skin Cancer Awareness Month.

“I’m now sporting a proud scar. I’ve got my scar on the back of my calf,” he said.

“I love my scar, because the scar led me to a sunnier tomorrow, and I’m still in that tomorrow today, and it’s a wonderful place to be.

“My dermatologist, she says from now on I always have to wear skin protection if any of my skin is naked because I’m so susceptible.

“This is the first summer that I will have had skin cancer I don’t have it anymore, thank God, and I am just covering up now.”

The former Padgate High School and Boteler Grammar School pupil says he is off on a family holiday to Portugal this weekend.

“My long-sleeve UV tops arrived, last night we tried them on. Is that all good? Because I still want to go swimming with the kids,” he added.

“People who tan really well tend to not be as frightened of the sun as somebody like me has always been, obviously.

“I’m not as frightened now, bizarrely, as I’ve been for years and years, because I’m forewarned and I know what to do.

“In a way, I’m relieved by it. I’ve made peace with it, if you like.”

Speaking previously about how his diagnosis came about, Chris said: “I have tested positive for skin cancer and they have caught it as early as they can.

“There is this phrase called a malignant melanoma – you know once you get something and you find out all about it – that is a redundant phrase because if it is a melanoma it is malignant.

“But it has been caught so early, just so you know, that it should be completely treatable.

“This has only happened because Dee, this angel sent from heaven who gives me this massage every Friday, saw this freckle on my shin and said ‘do me a favour Chris, go and get that checked out’.

“I didn’t and then the next week she said ‘have you been to see anyone, Chris you need to go. It’s probably nothing but just go. That doesn’t look like a normal freckle to me’.

“Anyway, so I went and got it tested. Then while I was away, the email came through saying ‘can you please call we need to discuss your results’.

“But because they have caught it so early, it is as treatable as cancer can possibly be – to the extent they call it stage zero.”

According to Cancer Research UK, skin cancers can look very different, and the symptoms can vary.

The symptoms of melanoma include a change in a mole, freckle, or a normal patch of skin.

If you have any concerns, you should speak to your GP.