POLICE have released dramatic video footage of homes being raided as part of a huge crackdown on drugs supply.

A total of 112 county lines have been closed and 200 years’ worth of sentences have been dished out by Cheshire Police as a result of the work through Operation Apollo.

Having been launched in November 2022 to combat drug supply lines, the force has secured multiple convictions and seized thousands of pounds worth of cash and illegal drugs.

County lines drug dealing involves organised crime groups based in major cities extending their criminal enterprise into towns and rural locations.

They often recruit and coerce young children and vulnerable adults to sell illegal drugs for them.

In their first year, Operation Apollo secured more than 100 years’ worth of prison sentences and tore down 70 county lines gangs.

Just six months later, it has now dismantled 112 county lines and has put 53 offenders behind bars, who are collectively facing over 200 years’ worth of sentences.

Cheshire Police officers raiding homes as part of Operation Apollo

Cheshire Police officers raiding homes as part of Operation Apollo

A further 35 people are still awaiting sentencing or trial and more than 150 people have been charged with drug related offences.

Concluded Warrington cases include Callum Foran, from Orford, who was locked up for 66 months in September for supplying crack cocaine and heroin in Runcorn.

Jake Cullen and Cameron Irvine were also jailed for three years each for drug supply and weapon possession offences on Lovely Lane.

Moreover, Angela Williams was locked up for 31 months after allowing Ramell da Silva to run a county line from her Latchford home, with the latter jailed for 40 months.

Cheshire Police says the Operation Apollo team remains steadfast in its disruption of county lines and those who attempt to profit from their illegal gains.

In excess of £60,000 in cash has been seized and more than £87,000 worth of illegal drugs has been recovered and removed from the streets of Cheshire.

Following the latest milestone, DI Robert Balfour said: “Organised gangs operating county lines are known to exploit children and vulnerable adults to move and supply drugs on their behalf.

Cheshire Police officers raiding homes as part of Operation Apollo

Cheshire Police officers raiding homes as part of Operation Apollo

“This lifestyle should not be glamourised and can lead to serious consequences.

“That is why Operation Apollo officers have been working tirelessly to dismantle county lines and put a stop to the drug dealers operating them.

“With 112 county lines closed and more than £140,000 worth of cash and drugs seized, the message is clear that illegal drugs and those who supply them are not welcome here in Cheshire.

“Operation Apollo will continue to target those who are foolish enough to believe they can establish illegal drug supply lines here in our county and go undetected.

“If you believe a county line is operating in your community, please get in touch with us here at Cheshire Police and we will take action.”

If you believe drug activity is taking place in your community and have information, contact Cheshire Police via its website or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.