THIS week in we are taking a look back into our archives to a story from 60 years ago.

The incredible picture, above, shows a large scale demolition programme in the mid-1960s.

Demolition in the Sankey Green area of town in 1967 took place in order to make way for the new £1 million Liverpool Road bypass – now known as Sankey Way.

This picture shows demolition work on Bramhall Street to make way for the creation of the Sankey Green roundabout, now known locally as the Pink Eye island.

Work also started in 1967 on building Sankey Way to ease traffic in the area running from Green Street near to Lovely Lane to Brook Drive near to The Woodlands pub.

The construction also included the subway, which is still open near to Wellfield Street, in order for residents from Sankey Bridges to get across to the town centre.