WARRINGTON Borough Council’s leader is set to be formally appointed ‘until the elections in May 2028’.

Council leader Cllr Hans Mundry was challenged for the role by the then-deputy leader Cllr Janet Henshaw earlier this month.

But he won the vote at the Labour group’s annual general meeting.

It came days after the election, which saw Labour retain control of the council and increase its majority by six.

It now has 42 of the 58 seats on the council.

At the annual council meeting on Monday, councillors are recommended to ‘appoint’ council leader Cllr Mundry for a four-year term, from May 2024 to May 2028.

The council is being ‘asked to appoint the leader until the elections in May 2028’.

The next council elections in Warrington will take place in May 2028 and then May 2032.

In the recent all-out election, Labour retained control of Warrington Borough Council – with the Conservatives almost wiped out.

Following the election, the make-up of the council is 42 Labour councillors, 12 Liberal Democrats, three independents and one Conservative.

As previously reported, shortly after the results were declared, Cllr Mundry – who retained his Latchford East seat – said: "I think it’s been a really good victory for Labour.

"I think, in Warrington, I’m pretty certain it’s probably one of the biggest margins we’ve ever had here, so it’s a historical day for Warrington, a historical day for the Labour Party in Warrington."