A FORMER cancer patient from Appleton is set to take on the Greater Manchester Run next weekend to raise money for the hospital that saved her life.

Jane Coleman, 61, was diagnosed with renal cancer in March 2022 and underwent surgery to remove her kidney, adrenal gland and her lymph nodes.

After, she received a clear scan and was unable to have preventative chemotherapy as her cancer was resistant to it.

In December 2022, Jane was told her cancer had returned, this time in the lymph nodes between her main blood vessels, making it difficult to treat.

She received unsuccessful radiotherapy in January 2023, and consulted with her oncologist, Dr Waddell, and the surgeon who completed her first operation, Mr Gulamhusein seven months later to see what else could be done.

It was decided that, even though it would be a difficult surgery, that Mr Gulamhusein would operate.

In September 2023, Jane underwent the major surgery and spent three days in intensive care – but was told in February that she is now in remission.

“I will never be able to thank Mr Gulamhusein and Dr Waddell enough for this chance of a cancer-free life,” said Jane.

“I know my cancer is sneaky and can return, but I live for every day.”

Jane decided to start fundraising for the hospital that cared for her, The Christie in Manchester, and signed up for the Greater Manchester Run which will take place on Sunday, May 26.

So far, Jane has raised £4,813 in the lead up to the big day and has a JustGiving page which you can donate to here.

“My cancer journey has been challenging and scary at times, but I have felt safe in the hands of the most amazing teams,” she said.

“This is one way I can begin to say thank you.

“Every team member at The Christie is caring and supportive, and I feel like I am taken into their caring arms when I come into the hospital.

“Even when I was told I was in remission, my ability to cope with positive news after fighting for months was a challenge, but The Christie was there to guide me through that too.

“When you are in the place nobody would want to be, you are surrounded by love and care.”