A COMPUTER technician who carried around videos of child rape and pictures of child sex abuse on his iPhone, denied having a perverted interest in children.

Kevin Parr had built up a stash of nearly 1000 sick images and videos of children, downloaded onto various devices over a period of seven years.

Simran Garcha, prosecuting, told Chester Magistrates Court on Tuesday how police officers received intelligence that a user of instant messaging app Discord had uploaded indecent images of children under the email address lfcfootball7yahpp.com.

And an IP address was traced back to the 52-year-old leading police officers to conduct a search warrant of his address on Landseer Avenue, Lower Walton.

During the search warrant, five exhibits were seized from his property and were sent for further examination, the court heard.

What was found on those devices was a disturbing and extensive stash of sick images which included 308 images graded the most severe category A which depicts the rape of a child.

The prosecutor detailed how among the collection was 293 category B images, 371 category C images and 22 extreme pornographic pictures.

Ms Garcha added that some of the images involved children as young as five.

Parr, who works for a computing company, was interviewed twice by police, first on March 1 and second on December 14. He gave no comment answers to all questions.

The offences date back to 2016 up until 2023.

Commenting on the offences, Honour Judge Berkson said: “He categorically denies having any sexual interest in children.

“There has got to be a difference between a computer that was in the back of your attic for years which had images stored on it and the phone you carry around every day.”

Defending, Simeon Evans responded: “There seems to be a journey of self-realisation. The first step would be coming to terms with that.

“He knows full well that you will not accept these admissions of denial.

“His wife made clear to him that it is wrong, and he has had to go home and face her.”

Judge Berkson added: “This is a man in faked denial.”

He sentenced Parr to 10 months in prison suspended for two years. He is always required to carry out 35 rehabilitation requirement days and 200 hours of unpaid work.