WARRINGTON is one of the greenest local authority districts in the north west, according to latest Office for National Statistics data.

The north west has the second greenest area in the UK, with an average of nearly five public green spaces within a one kilometre radius.

The data, which has been explored ecological consultancy, Arbtech, also shows that Warrington, Stockport and Liverpool are among the greenest areas in the region.

According to the data, people in the north west are only an average of 342 meters away from the closest public green space.

“It’s interesting to see which areas in Great Britain have the most public green spaces within a kilometre,” said Andrew Richards from Arbtech.

“Each green space we visit tells a unique story, reflecting the community’s dedication to preserving nature while fostering a space where both eh environment and human wellbeing can flourish together.

“Hopefully this list might inspire people to seek out green spaces nearby, so they can enjoy the benefits of being in the open are and surrounded by nature.”