PARKING enforcement will continue on the Orford Neighbourhood Hub after changes at LiveWire.

As reported previously in the Warrington Guardian, LiveWire services have been brought back under council control.

Now the council says it will take over enforcement of the site on the same basis as LiveWire.

Customers will get three hours for free and this can be extended if registrations are validated at reception.

A spokesman said: "It was identified due to the popularity of the hub and the requirement for continued parking enforcement that Warrington Borough Council continue with the existing parking conditions and enforcement that was enforced by a private operator when operated by LiveWire.

"It is proposed that existing parking conditions remain in place and there is a continuation of enforcement to deter motorists from breaching the existing terms and conditions of the car park.

"The car park has a three-hour limited stay for customers, which can be extended if customers provide their vehicle registration details via a terminal within the main building. This is to deter all-day parking for those who may wish to use the car park for purposes not associated with the services provided by the hub."