WARRINGTON has ranked highly in a list of the highest achieving areas for GCSE pass rates in the country.

New data from learning platform SnappyWords analysed the GCSE results in English and maths for every local authority across England over the past five academic years.

The platform then determined the top ten areas with the highest pass rates for GCSE examinations and the bottom ten with the lowest pass rate. 

Out of 152 rankings, Warrington was placed a credible 38th on the list, with 52.14 per cent of students achieving grade 5 or above over the last five years.

Sutton was ranked number one on the list, whilst Knowsley came last with thet lowest percentage pass rate of 23.24 per cent.

Meanwhile another insight that came from the data showed that half of the top ten authorities with the lowest pass rate were based in the north of England.

A spokesperson from SnappyWords commented on the findings: “Considering the significant disruption these youngsters have faced as a result of the pandemic, their exam results show a significant increase in the 2022-23 academic year compared to 2018-19.

“As we move back to pre-pandemic grading standards, today’s data continues to show regional disparities in attainment.

“Despite a noticeable improvement in the north west compared to 2019, it is still the region with the lowest proportion of top grades and London continues to outperform the rest of the country.”