IT is now a familiar part of Warrington.

But when the new town was created in the 1970s, places like Longbarn, Oakwood and Gorse Covert were largely fields.

Many residents moved to these parts of Warrington in the late 1970s and early 1980s as the estates we know and love today were built.

Here are some of your memories of moving to 'the countryside' and why life on Oakwood was like winning the lottery.

Warrington Guardian:


We moved to Oakwood in 1982 into a lovely brand new Maunders home. Felt like we had moved to the countryside from Reddish. Still love being woken up by birdsong

Debbey Clitheroe

We moved to Longbarn to a 4 bed detached in 1974. It cost £10,900! I remember Birchwood was all fields. We moved to Gorse Covert in 1985. Still have fond memories of Warrington!

Philip Coxon

We moved to Keyes Close in 81. We lived there for twenty years. Keyes was a building site when we moved in. Risley Moss, Forest Park and Birchwood Brook were our playgrounds. Happy times.

Amy Zaman

Moved into Pipit Lane in November 1978. Nightmare Christmas as all electric went off and we had really loud generators. Lived there for 4 years then moved to my current abode still in Birchwood.

Irene Nugent

Mum and Dad bought a brand new house in Jay close Oakwood in 1982. Great memories growing up as a kid. Recently took my kids round all the areas I used to play. Old neighbours still live there and are still in touch with.

Andrew Atkinson

1981. We moved in to a brand new house. The pavements were gravel the parks so nice and the area was lovely. Lots of Birdseye staff were given houses here . 43 years on, lots of original residents are still here. I love living here.

Lisa Sperrin Wong

We moved to Oakwood in 1983 from Salford we thought we’d won the lottery with a new house coming from a flat.

Gina Edis

Moved to Longbarn in 1974, fond memories growing up there and friends for life made.

Mark Breary