ORFORD band, The Ambersons, are set to take to the stage at Warrington Music Festival next month and have teased what to expect from their second headline performance.

The Ambersons are a beloved Warrington-based band made up of six people, including two brothers.

After a decade apart, they reunited during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Now, they are set to headline Warrington Music Festival for the second time on May 25 in Golden Square.

“When I got the call [to headline] it didn’t take long to say yes,” said Andy Fairnington, the band’s bassist and songwriter.

“We got the phone call and I felt goose bumps.”

The band last headlined Warrington Music Festival in 2012 and performed as the main support to The Happy Mondays in 2013.

“I think all the bands in Warrington do look forward to doing it and getting asked to do it,” said Stephen Fairnington, the band’s lead vocalist.

“It’s a great atmosphere, that’s what I love about it – and it takes you about ten minutes to get home when you’re done!”

Warrington Guardian: The Ambersons last headlined the festival in 2012The Ambersons last headlined the festival in 2012

While the band previously focused all their efforts on chasing their dream of performing full time, they now admit that being able to have the band as a hobby allows them to explore their creativity without pressure.

“As musicians, what we’ve been able to do is explore more because back then we were probably still chasing the dream,” said Stephen.

“Now it’s more creative, every idea is a good idea.”

The band are now in their 40s and have full time careers outside of music – but they believe that getting older has only made them stronger.

“You get better as a musician as you get older,” said Andy.

“When you get older you play the right notes at the right time and its beautiful – you’re a bit more refined.

“The Ambersons are like a fine wine, we get better with age.”

The band have been closely connected to Warrington Music Festival for many years and spoke passionately about the opportunities it can give to aspiring local artists, as well as the community.

“It’s an event we’ve been connected to for years,” said Andy.

“The fact that it’s free – we need to embrace it as a town, we need to be grateful for it.

“It’s so important, because there’s a lot of towns that don’t have that investment in art and culture, which worries me.

“So, I’m really connected to this event, it’s close to my heart and the band’s heart.”

Warrington Guardian: The Ambersons have been closely connected to Warrington Music Festival for yearsThe Ambersons have been closely connected to Warrington Music Festival for years

While they have headlined the festival before, the band are just as excited as they were the first time and have been taking preparing for the event very seriously.

“We don’t just turn up and rock up and do a gig, we do something different,” said Stephen.

“The Ambersons don’t do things by halves,” added Andy.

“I can’t give it all away, but we’ve got something up our sleeves.

“It’s not just a gig, it’s a show.”

Warrington Music Festival will start at midday on Saturday, May 25, and acts are due to perform throughout the day across two stages.

So, while Neighbourhood may be taking a break for a year, Warrington Music Festival is the perfect excuse to get out and see live music for free.

Around 30 acts will perform in total in Golden Square and Times Square, with The Amberson’s concluding the day with their headline performance at 10.30pm.