THE mural of a Warrington Wolves legend, Paul Cullen, has been completed.

Work began on the mural, which is on the side of the Kings Head Pub, around two weeks ago, but today, Friday, the artist finished the eye -catching piece.

The piece has been created by a Warrington artist known as Pinkeye99, who also created the iconic Warrington landmark, Pink Eye.

The mural depicts Wire legend, Paul Cullen, during the final Warrington Wolves game at Wilderspool Stadium.

Cullen was the first player for the rugby league team to have been born in Warrington, play for the Wire and become head coach.

Now, a mural of him is situated down the road from the new home of the Wire, The Halliwell Jones Stadium.

Warrington Guardian: The mural depicts Cullen during the final Wire match at Wilderspool StadiumThe mural depicts Cullen during the final Wire match at Wilderspool Stadium (Image: NQ Staff)

Pinkeye99, whose real name is Anthony Turk, conceived the idea for the mural while walking to the pub before a match last year.

“Seeing the bare wall on the side of The Kings Head which serves as a hub for Warrington fans on matchdays, it was clear to me that it needed a mural to make it interesting and showcase the sporting heritage of the town,” he said.

“As you exit the station, Paul’s salute to the Warrington faithful catches your eye instantly.”

Cullen spoke to the Warrington Guardian last year and shared his thoughts on the mural before it was created.

“I am honestly so, so proud and so, so humbled that anyone could possible think that if they are going to do a mural that has got anything to do with Warrington Rugby League Club, that I would be a part of it,” he said.

“I really am, but I honestly feel that this has got nothing to do with me. This is about Wire to Wolves, and this is how I see it.

“From all the people that have played for Warrington when we were Wire, and for all the people that played for Warrington when we were Wolves, I am just lucky I was in that period of transition between Wilderspool and the Halliwell Jones.”

Warrington Guardian: Paul Cullen during the final game that inspired the muralPaul Cullen during the final game that inspired the mural

Permission was sought to create the mural on the side of the Grade II listed building last year and is the start of a project by Warrington Arts Council which hopes to spread art across the town.

“We want this to be the start of many,” said Paul Taylor, chair of the Warrington Arts Council.

“It’s great to start initiatives like this in the area because they will start to spill out and help spread art across Warrington.

“We want to get to a point that no matter where you look in Warrington you can see art.”