A STALKER slashed her ex’s tyres and threatened to sell his photos on OnlyFans.

Shelley Taylor, of Regiment Way in Winsford, is to be sentenced after admitting to stalking her former partner.

She is now banned from attending an address in Warrington until then.

At Warrington Magistrates Court on Wednesday (May 8), Will Griffin, prosecuting, explained how the 41-year-old harassed her ex for a year, sending him unwanted messages and visiting his home.

Taylor had been in a relationship with the victim for a year before they broke up in November 2021.

When they split, the victim gave Taylor his old phone to use.

However, she ended up looking through apps and emails, proceeding to contact his work colleagues and mother 'at any given time of day or night'.

She also threatened to create an OnlyFans account and post photos of him which were stored on the device.

Mr Griffin highlighted another incident which saw Taylor slash all but one of the victim’s car’s tyres before posting a TikTok that said 'real psychos know to only slash three tyres'.

He also explained how friends of the victim have had to change their phone numbers while the victim himself has changed numbers three times.

Then, on October 24, 2022, Taylor visited the victim’s home but was told to leave, at which point she posted a handwritten note.

She attended the address again on November 2, but no one was in.

The victim’s mother made a report to police saying that her son had been the victim of stalking and Taylor was arrested at her home in November 2022.

Mr Griffin said Taylor’s actions had forced the victim to make 'considerable' changes to his lifestyle and had caused his mental health to 'deteriorate'.

Taylor will return to Warrington Magistrates Court on June 11 for sentencing.

Until that time she is banned from contacting three people named in court, including the victim, and from attending an address in Warrington.