WHEN your pies and pastries have been keeping hungry customers satisfied for more than 120 years, you know you’re onto a winner.

Piemaker extraordinaires Mark and Sonya Fitzpatrick took over at Tomlins Bakery – now called Tomlins Bakehouse - two years ago and after taking last year’s Best for Pies crown they’ve just done the double, winning Warrington’s Best for Pies 2024.

This year’s search for Warrington’s best in a whole host of categories started with hair and Kate Lucy Hair Studio was crowned our first winner.

Then we moved onto pies with customers and readers sending their nominations for their favourite pastry treats.

Tomlins pies

Tomlins pies

Voting for Warrington’s Best for Nails is currently taking place and we’re also looking for nominations in our latest search - Best for Roast Dinner.

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Nominate your favourite for Warrington’s Best for Roast Dinner 2024

Eight tasty treats in Warrington made the shortlist for Best for Nails 2024 with Tomlins Bakehouse taking the coveted crown to secure back-to-back Best of awards.

Kiwi mince and cheese pie with a puffed pastry lid

Kiwi mince and cheese pie with a puffed pastry lid

The popular bakery on Synge Street first opened its doors in 1905 when mother and daughter Clarise and Lucy Holbrook started a bakery and confectionary business.

Over the past 118 years, customers have queued out the door to buy one of the mouth-wateringly delicious pies and other baked goods.

George Tomlin bought the business from the Holbrook family just after the Second World War and transformed it into the popular bakery it still is today.

Mark and Sonya have just revamped the shop – a nod to its early 20th century roots – but still use the tried and tested recipes and ingredients that were used to create the first pies decades ago.

These recipes are, however, closely guarded secrets that are revealed to only a few members of staff.

The tasty treats made fresh each day at Tomlins

The tasty treats made fresh each day at Tomlins

Mark said: “Our commitment to using good quality ingredients ensures that every bite is bursting with flavour and freshness.

“We think our passion and dedication to the product and service shines through in every delicious creation and so makes every visit for our customers a delightful experience.

“Our wide selection of savoury or sweet products means we always have something for everyone to enjoy.

“We are a bakery that offers high quality baked pies and the introduction of Sonya’s speciality cakes has only enhanced the bakery and attracted new customers who have come to know us through positive word of mouth from other customers.

“We strive to create a welcoming environment where our customers feel like part of the family, fostering a sense of community and belonging with every visit and making sure our prices are affordable.

“Our attention to detail in every aspect of our bakery from the presentation of our products to the cleanliness of our space is second to none.

“This reflects our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.”

But what do customers think about Tomlins’ pies?

Why did they want the bakery to win the award for the second time?

Nominations said they are “the best flavours in town” with one customer saying “the meat pies are so juicy!”.

Another said: “Just can’t beat Tomlins.”

A tray of pies fresh from the oven

A tray of pies fresh from the oven

Mark said: “What gives me great pleasure is to hear of the tales from customers, old and new, who as children used to visit Tomlins with their parents or grandparents, and now as adults visit with their own children to enjoy the Tomlins experience.

“Obviously Tomlins have created some fond memories for our customers.

“Some customers make a 20-mile round trip or more to visit the bakery every week, for themselves or to stock up on pies to deliver to relatives in Scotland, Burnley, Manchester – the list goes on!

“We continually receive compliments from customers, about our members of staff who always serve our customers with a smile and are very helpful.

“The queues that form every morning is a measure of the demand from loyal customers for a Tomlins pie or cake.

“We’ve even increased the number of front serving staff and there’s always a lot of chatter among fellow customers while they wait - it’s created a wonderful community feel.

“Everyone says it’s worth the wait!”

Mark and Sonya Fitzpatrick took over at the Synge Street bakery two years ago

Mark and Sonya Fitzpatrick took over at the Synge Street bakery two years ago

Mark and Sonya were thrilled to have made the shortlist again for Warrington’s Best for Pies and they feel humbled and hugely appreciative to win the award.

Mark said: “Of course we were thrilled to have made the shortlist again this year and to actually win the title in 2024 is humbling and much appreciated.

“Our products and our reputation for delivering quality and service, which we feel every one of our customers deserves, goes without saying.

“Thank you to all who supported us.

“We couldn’t have the success that we have without the fabulous Tomlins team behind us and our eager customers at our door.”

The new-look shop front

The new-look shop front