LAST week we published a picture of the former Horse and Jockey pub on Kerfoot Street.

Many readers have fond memories of the boozer, and Peppermint Gardens round the back.

Here is a selection of your memories before it was bulldozes and a McDonald's built.

My old man used to drink down the road at the Gas Social but he always went the horse and jockey for a pint first on Christmas even and New Year’s Eve.

Phill Challinor Loved the horse and jockey. Used to go there 84 to 86 on a Friday for lunch and to play pool with all the mechanics from Bramalls when I worked there.

Andrea Yates We had our wedding reception upstairs,in 1972 gorgeous pub it was too.

Valerie Daniels DJ,d there back in the 70s in the Gee Gee disco, when Rhoda was the land lady, great times...

Dave Hands Loved it when it was Peppermint Gardens Christine Bradley Aww my mum and dad had their first date there and first saw each other in their, over 50 years ago.

Kerrie Brownlee I lived in Jockey Street. It was opposite the pub, across Winwick Road.

Jan Barber My great grandparents ran it from around 1910-1915 Esther and John Hall David Worrall Good Times had there .. shame such a lovely building was demolished for a McDonalds.

Tex Barker Peppermint Gardens was also there.

My Dad's family local pub back in the day along with the gas works club. My grandad frequented them both often as they only lived across the way in South Ave. Gran and Grandad also had their 50th wedding Anniversary upstairs at The Jockey in 1979 as well. Beautiful building it was and a real shame it was knocked down.

Jean Harrison My mum worked there for around 17 years when Lil Holmes was the landlady and later run by John and Joyce Keenan. Many a family party there and I stayed in the back with their son David Keenan. Happy times Patsy Ann Had our wedding reception there back in the mid 80's. As a kid, saw the bowling greens disappear and replaced by a large car park.

Amanda Lawrenson