THE one remaining Tory borough councillor in the town says he is ‘delighted and honoured’ to be re-elected.

The Conservatives were almost wiped out in the all-out Warrington Borough Council election and is no longer the official opposition group, with the party losing nine seats.

It now has just one seat on the council, with the Liberal Democrats becoming the official opposition group.

Labour won 42 of the 58 council seats in the election.

Cllr Rob Tynan was re-elected in Rixton and Woolston and is the only remaining Tory borough councillor in the town.

He said: “I am delighted and honoured to be re-elected as the local Conservative councillor for Rixton and Woolston for another four years, I am focused on delivering for the residents of Rixton and Woolston, if they voted for me or not.

“I am looking forward to continuing representing the area I have grown up in and have spent a lot of time in. I look forward to working for residents to make Rixton and Woolston one of the best places to live, work and raise a family.

“For too long, the Labour administration, have neglected Rixton and Woolston and the residents of Warrington.

“I am focusing on delivering on the people’s priorities in Rixton and Woolston – they want to see our greenbelt protected and an end to Labour’s disastrous local plan. They want lower council tax and an end to Labour’s £1.8bn debt. They want an end to labour’s risky investment strategy and investment into Rixton, Woolston and Warrington instead.

“For far too long Labour have taken Rixton and Woolston for granted and have failed to deliver for the area. I look forward to continuing my work in the ward, getting the Holiday Inn closed, protecting our greenspaces, and holding the Labour administration to account over the £1.8bn debt.

“Despite the Lib Lab pact across the borough, it is clear that residents in Rixton and Woolston want a councillor who has a record of delivery and will focus on their priorities and deliver a brighter future for them and their family.”