WARRINGTON Borough Council’s leader does not expect to face a leadership challenge after Labour increased its majority at the Town Hall.

Labour retained control of the council, and increased its majority by six.

Council leader Cllr Hans Mundry, Labour, who retained his Latchford East seat in the election, said: “I’ll be surprised if there is a leadership challenge, based on one of our biggest victories in history in Warrington, I will be surprised if there is a leadership challenge at this time.

“You can never say never but it would be really unusual for anything like that to happen.”

He added: “I think local elections are always a stepping stone for general elections – what happens in a local election can be different from a general election, but it’s usually a stepping stone.

“I think in Warrington it’s definitely going to be a stepping stone.”

He also stated that ‘people are voting Labour’ and they are ‘finding out the reasons why Labour is important to them’.