ONE of Warrington’s most prolific criminals is once again starting a stretch behind bars.

Readers of the Warrington Guardian will no doubt be aware of the truly horrific criminal record of Shaun Scanlon.

The 47-year-old has amassed a staggering number of convictions, and he is a regular before the courts.

He is once again facing time in a jail cell after admitting breaching his criminal behaviour order and assault by beating of an emergency worker.

The facts of the case were outlined to magistrates at Warrington Magistrates’ Court by Clare Oliver, of the prosecution, who explained that the latest offences were committed on April 30.

Having recently been released from his last term of imprisonment, Scanlon was reported within Warrington town centre.

While not an illegal act for most, it is for this defendant, having been made the subject of a criminal behaviour order in September last year.

Imposed on serial anti-social offenders, this order bans Scanlon from entering the town centre, bus station, Winwick Street and Crown Street.

Police were called and the defendant then assaulted an officer doing his public duty.

Scanlon was in the area having recently been released from a 24-week prison term imposed in February for similar offending.

Before then, in July last year, he was locked up for being drunk and disorderly in public and spitting in his police cell.

Months earlier in February, he was locked up for 12 weeks for assaulting a shopkeeper by putting him in a headlock.

He was previously jailed for threatening to stab a friend while intoxicated and brandishing two kitchen knives.

He also has convictions for carrying knives in separate incidents and smashing a window at the Firkin Tap pub on Buttermarket Street.

Addressing his latest offending, magistrates concluded that appropriate punishment could only be achieved by immediate custody, with the defendant’s rehabilitation prospects almost non-existent.

Scanlon, of no fixed abode, but of Warrington, was sentenced to 18 weeks in prison, which is to be served immediately.