BBC Drama, The Responder, is set to return to TV screens tomorrow night, starring Warrington-born actor, Warren Brown.

The Responder is a police drama set in Liverpool that follows officer Chris Carson, played by Martin Freeman, who had recently been demoted from inspector.

It premiered on BBC One on January 24, 2022, and was a huge success – with the first episode reaching more than six million views on iPlayer that year.

In March 2022, The Responder was renewed for a second series, which will begin airing tomorrow night.

Warren Brown, who was born in Great Sankey, will return and reprise his role of Raymond Mullen once again.

Warrington Guardian: Warren Brown stars as Ray Mullen in The Responder

“You never know how things are going to be received,” he said.

“You can read a script and think it’s fantastic, but you just never know until everything is finished and you see what the audience’s response is.

“Luckily for us, it was overwhelmingly positive from both the audience and the critics, so to get the opportunity to come back has been brilliant.”

Warren has also started in Hollyoaks, Shameless and Trigger Point.

Warrington Guardian: Martin Freeman also stars in The Responder as Chris CarsonMartin Freeman also stars in The Responder as Chris Carson (Image: Dancing Ledge/Rekha Garton)

At the end of series one, Ray Mullen is left sullen and thwarted after being unable to expose Chris, which he was attempting to achieve throughout the series.

His personal life also seems in tatters at the end of the first series, as his wife, Ellie, left him after finding out about his affair with Chris’ wife, Kate.

Now, the second series will take place six months later, leaving a change in dynamics.

“He and Kate are now together and given that was one of the things he was after in series one, it would appear that he’s a bit more pleased with himself and a little bit less obsessed with Chris,” he said.

“Early in this series, you see these two men with a shared history and a relationship that has broken down overtime and are now trying to accept the situation they’re both in.”

The Responder, which is written by Tony Schumacher, will air on BBC One tomorrow night at 9pm, and all episodes from series one are available to watch on iPlayer.

“It can be a bit like the tricky second album going into a second series after a huge hit,” said Warren.

“You have the pressure to make the next one as good or better, but I think Ton’s pulled it off.”