THE old Fordton Leisure Centre holds many special memories for residents across Warrington.

It closed back in 2011 and was demolished a year later.

Now the site, on Winwick Road, is home to an Aldi and a Costa.

More than 350 readers have shared their fond memories of the leisure centre.

Here's what they had to say:

Yes, I did with Glennis. Remember getting snacks from the vending machines after and the brown and tan interior of the building.

Steph Ann

Had my wedding reception here and my late husband used the gym plus trained Fordton Rovers. I watched my brother from my window do the demolition of it and went on to work in The Stonemill for six years.

Kath Kenwright was Ohalloran

This was a fantastic place to swim, such a shame it was got rid of as well as Bath Street. We need a new swimming pool, one in Latchford would be great. The ball hall grounds would be perfect.

Alexandra Dooley

It was a great pool, I went regularly with my little one.

Vicky Bond

I remember the giant inflatable, I think it was meant to be an octopus.

James Thomason

It used to be my Primary School, Longford County Primary.

Michelle Bate

I was one of the swimming teachers there, happy times at Fordton Leisure Centre.

Lesley Lowery

Spent over 10 years working here. Best place to work,

Andrew Corless

Learnt to swim here on Saturday mornings and came to public swim sessions every chance I got as a kid. Loved it here and remember going Fordton like it was yesterday.

Enola Meade

I learned to swim there and played in the grounds. It was better than what's there now.

Sarah Jane

I had swimming lessons here with Glennis, also used to swim with family then get a box of Poppets from the vending machine afterwards. I actually miss it.

Bex Shaw

We used to go as kids and we would get a pot noodle afterwards. Those days were the best.

Amy Louise Connor

I used to go most lunchtimes to swim as I worked nearby.

Lynn Cooper

I learned to sort of swim at Padgate C of E baths way back in the day lol, but loved going Fordton when they had the floats and big rafts out.

Uilleam Heathen Hill

Yes I learnt to swim there along with both my younger brothers, had many birthday pool parties there, I was also a lifeguard there for a short while too.

Alison Harvey