MORE than 20 people celebrated a landmark moment in the history of Lymm Parish Council.

A drinks reception was held in Lymm Village Hall on April 12 to mark the 50th anniversary of the parish council.

Among those in attendance was the first Chairman of the Parish Council, David Moon.

Current Parish Council chair, Ann Johnstone, said “I felt very privileged to welcome some very special guest to our 50th Anniversary event, including David Moon the very first Chairman of Lymm Parish Council. Listening to past Councillors recalling their memories and bringing along pictures taken during their time in office made the event one to remember.”

Formed on April 1, 1974, many councils in England and Wales were created in 1974 as part of a significant restructuring of local government. This restructuring was primarily driven by the Local Government Act 1972, which aimed to modernise and streamline local governance across the country.

The act led to the creation of new administrative regions, counties, and districts, replacing the outdated and often fragmented system of local authorities that existed prior to 1974.

As a result, many new councils were established, merging existing authorities or creating entirely new ones to align with the new administrative boundaries.

Warrington Guardian:

This reshaping of local government in 1974 represented a significant overhaul of the system and laid the groundwork for the modern structure of local governance in England and Wales.

The anniversary was also an opportunity to focus on the people – leaders, councillors and officers – who have served their local residents over the last half century.

Current parish councillor Ian Marks added “I have been a proud member of this council for more years than I would care to mention. I have enjoyed working with many different councillors, and I am delighted that a number of them were in attendance at the celebration event.

"Although most people get elected under party labels, it is very rare for party politics to surface at meetings. This is as it should be, because we are all here to do our best for the community.

"I am a strong supporter of parish councils and believe there is an increasing role for them in the future to work alongside the borough council in these difficult financial times.”

MP for Warrington South, Andy Carter, was also in attendance and spoke in support of the importance of parish councils, recounting his years as a parish councillor in Lymm.

Local elections take place on May when a new parish council will be elected and another term of office will commence.