WARRINGTON Labour has launched its 2024 election manifesto ahead of the town going to the polls on Thursday.

It focuses on six key priorities that reflect the ‘thousands of conversations’ with residents they have had on the doorstep since the last local elections in 2021.

These are providing support with the cost of living crisis, caring for children and enhancing SEND services, protecting the most vulnerable residents, improving the environment and tackling climate change, upgrading roads and boosting public transport, and securing the local economy and investing in the future.

Some of the key policy announcements to come out of the Warrington Labour manifesto include schemes to reduce the cost of renting and energy bills, along with piloting Labour’s plan to provide free breakfast clubs in schools, launching a new children’s mental health hub and a new ‘deal for carers’ supporting unpaid carers’ health and wellbeing.

Other announcements include a plan to redevelop leisure centres like Broomfields and create new ‘protected greenspaces’ across Warrington with permanent bans on future development, building new sustainable and affordable council housing on brownfield land and further investment into local infrastructure and public transport, and a plan to regenerate and ‘put local high streets back on the map’.

Cllr Hans Mundry – the council leader, and leader of the Labour group – said: “Our manifesto is a manifesto for the people of Warrington, shaped by the people of Warrington. 

“It is the result of the thousands of conversations we have had with residents across every corner of our town since 2021. Our communities have told us what matters to them, and we are putting their ideas into practice.

“We are committed to serving the people of Warrington, delivering well run local services despite the brutal cuts to our council’s budget from the Conservatives.

“Our first priority is to support residents with the cost of living crisis. The Conservatives have mismanaged our economy, punishing hardworking families across our town.

“Food, energy bills, mortgage and rent costs all continue to rise. We will do everything we can to support our town, providing help when our residents need it most, and working with local partners to bring down costs down and increase wages.

“Secondly, caring for our children and enhancing special educational needs and disabilities services. Children and young people are our future, and we will continue to protect and improve children’s services across Warrington, ensuring they have the opportunities they deserve to give them the best start in life.

“Thirdly, protecting our most vulnerable residents. We must do all we can to protect our most vulnerable communities, keeping them safe, healthy, happy and independent. Whether that’s our older residents, those receiving social care services or those facing health inequalities.

“Fourthly, improving our environment and tackling climate change. We are committed to improving our valuable green spaces, parks and local environment to ensure all generations have places to play, enjoy and relax. It is still our ambition to be net-zero by 2030, we have already done so much and are committed to doing more.

“Fifthly, upgrading our roads and boosting public transport. A smooth ride to work, school or the shops is important whether you travel by car, bus, bike or foot. That’s why we will continue to upgrade our local roads, footpaths and boost bus services.

“Finally, securing our local economy and investing in our future. A thriving local economy is crucial to the success of our town. We will continue to nurture a pro-business environment and invest in local infrastructure and services to give all our residents the tools and opportunities they need to succeed.

“After 14 years of Conservative Government, our town is paying the price. Unlike the Conservatives, Labour will always put our communities first.

“Our plan is ambitious and rightfully so. Our residents and our communities deserve the best.

“Warrington Labour will always be on your side. Let’s work together to get Warrington and Britain’s future back.”