A BELOVED woman from Penketh who was passionate about her community has died.

Gladys Daintith, who was originally from Longford, had lived in Warrington her whole life as was incredibly passionate about caring for those around her.

Sadly, she died on Tuesday, April 16, two days after her 89th birthday and will be greatly missed by her family and friends.

During her life, Gladys regularly wrote letters into the Warrington Guardian, sharing her passion on different topics, as well as fighting for her community.

“She was just a proper Warrington character, and she was so obsessed with writing letters into the Warrington Guardian,” said Jess Holmes, one of Gladys’ grandchildren.

“She did a lot for the community with her letters, and we’re finding a lot of comfort looking at them.”

Gladys was a very passionate woman and particularly liked to fight for those in a younger generation around her.

“She fought for anything unjust and was all for the youths of society,” said Jess.

“Anything she felt was unjust towards younger people she fought for, which is rare in her generation.”

Glady’s attended St Benedict’s School between the ages of four and 14 before moving on to work at the Box Works on Orford Lane.

Later, she married her husband Reg Daintith, who sadly passed away aged 38, leaving Gladys a widow for 50 years.

“I think that’s what made her so strong and so special to everyone because she just dealt with any adversity that came her way,” said Jess.

“Nobody would ever have known any hurt she had been through.”

Warrington Guardian: Gladys with one of her three childrenGladys with one of her three children (Image: Supplied)

Reg and Gladys had three children together and their family still live in Warrington, around Penketh and Great Sankey.

“She just lived for her family,” said Jess.

“Her front door was never locked, it was just always open, so it was always visitor after visitor.

“Anybody that had a problem would come to my nans and then everyone would leave laughing.”

Gladys also worked at Eric Moore Medical Centre for 10 years as a district nurse, continuing her passion of caring for her community through her career.

She was an extremely popular character in Warrington and has left a lasting impact on those around her.

“She touched a lot of lives caring for the community,” said Jess.

“She loved the quote ‘what is for you will never pass you by’ and I’ve honestly met people in town that had that tattooed on them because she said it to them.

“She really did know everyone in Warrington, and everything about it.”

Gladys’ funeral will be held at Sacred Heart Catholic Church at 10.30am on Friday, May 3, before moving on to Walton Lea Crematorium.